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Sales Information

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And, of course, we would be delighted to give you any advice and assistance by email.

Please ask for a non-binding quotation - which will include:

  • prices
  • delivery times

The quotation is subject to alteration at any time without notice. Please note that there is no booking of goods for quotes.

Purchase order

  • Your order can be placed in writing (e-mail), at the online shop or by telephone.
  • You will receive an order confirmation by return. We would kindly ask you to check it is correct and pay attention to the payment terms.
  • Please note that the agreed date of delivery can only be met if your payment is made in due time.
  • All items ordered but unpaid will not be booked for you.
  • Minimum order is € 500; We will charge an additional fee of € 85 for orders of less than € 500.
  • Min order fee can be waived when the lead time is not critical.

Planning and shipping information

The order confirmation includes the agreed delivery arrangements. If you did not mention a requested delivery date we will plan for the next possible delivery according to receipt of payment. Our sales department will assist in your planning. Please make sure you have your order confirmation and customer number to hand when contacting us.


In order to minimize the administration costs, our regular payment terms are prepaid shipment. We can only meet delivery dates if your payment arrives in due time. We accept following methods of payment:

  • Bank transfer in due time is the easiest and quickest method.
  • You may also allow us to charge the full amount to your credit card by using the services of PayPal.

Preparation and transport time
After receipt of payment we still need handling and transportation time, as follows:

  • For packaging and shipping of stock items we need 3- 8 working days to send it out.
  • For items which have to be produced please add the particular production time.

You will find these particular production times in the adjoining symbol.
In case that we will receive your payment later than indicated in our order confirmation, please understand that we would have to check the new delivery time in accordance with our production capacity.
Packaging charges
All items are protected by our own warehouse packaging for which there is no charge to the customer. Only good packaging avoids transport damage! These costs are included. All packaging material is as environmentally friendly as possible and can generally be recycled.

RESTAURFURNITIREDIRECT does not take back any packaging materials.

Please note that goods may be delivered unassembled or partially assembled. These products are marked with the adjoining symbol. This is done in order to reduce transport costs and the risk of damage during transport. Please consult the assembly instructions accompanying the goods.

Delivery by our contract forwarder
Normally we instruct our forwarding agent on the customer‘s behalf to forward the goods on time. Our forwarding agent is not obliged to unload the goods or carry them.
Price includes:

  • Transport costs to your door (business address only)
  • Transport insurance,
  • Costs for special transport packaging.

Please mention in your order your telephone number in order that the forwarding agent could call you to agree a delivery date.
Export within the European Union (EU)
In order for us to be able to arrange delivery throughout the EU without charging Ireland VAT, we need the following with your order:

  • Your European VAT identification number
  • The exact name of your company
  • The legal registered name of your company
  • The company‘s official address as per your country‘s company registry.

If you pick-up by your own or send us your forwarding agent we need an EU export declaration. With your order confirmation you will receive this declaration. Please stamp and sign it and send it back before picking-up. Only when these details have been checked we can deliver without charging irish VAT, no further customs charges will be charged. The taxes for a purchase within the internal market may be treated as VAT advance tax, as if you had purchased in your own country.
Export outside the European market

We charge € 90, - for issuing the necessary customs documents for each consignment.
Where additional documentation is required (e.g. certificate of origin, consular notarisation, chamber of commerce certification etc.) we will only pass on the costs which occur.
National custom duties, import charges and VAT are not included in our global processing charges and therefore are charged directly to you apart from us.

Service in case of transport damage
Thanks to the quality of our packaging and the reliability of our forwarders, damage seldom occurs. If nevertheless a visible transport damage occurs, it must be written clearly on the forwarder‘s delivery note. This is the only way to get the forwarder to pay for the transport damage.

If you discover hidden damages when unpacking, please let us know in writing without delay so that we can send you replacement goods immediately.
In order for RESTAURANTFURNITIREDIRECT to deal with any transport damage, the transport must have been organised by us and you must give us all necessary proof and documentation without delay. Ask our service department for the appropriate form.

Service in case of complaints
We are convinced that you will be satisfied with our range for professional use and will succeed. However, you should have a reason to complain, please let us know immediately in writing. You will understand that we need clear proof of any claim in order for us to be able to help and, where necessary, improve the quality.

If your complaint is justified, we will agree the following:

  • Rectification of defects
  • Delivery of missing items
  • Exchange of damaged goods
  • Return against credit note

Please note that the goods subject to a claim may only be put into use with the prior agreement of RESTAURANTFURNITIREDIRECT. Please contact our service department for all queries.

Return of goods
Return of goods must be co-ordinated with us beforehand so that we can arrange for collection and transport with our forwarding agent. We cannot accept costs which might occur through transport that has not been agreed with us or through shipment by another forwarding agent. For identification purposes, please enclose a copy of the delivery note with the returned goods. We cannot credit custom-made items or, depending on the item, credit them only in part. The concerned items are marked in our catalogue with symbols.